Sunday, October 14, 2012

OT at Crumley

This past week was another week of Level One Fieldwork OT students working at Crumley.  Molly, Jennifer and Natasha all had a great time working with the Crumley gang.  Here are some pictures of the things that were accomplished this week.

First we created a Goals Board and discussed how we could all work together to help one another accomplish their goals. 

Here are some of the accomplished goals!

Amanda writes her poetry.

Bernice makes dog toys as gifts for her favorite dog friends.

Jeff performs songs for the group.

Jerry bakes sourdough bread to share.

 Julia plays the piano for the group.

 Michael made some cute Christmas ornaments.

Randy "rides" Trigger with help from Jennifer and Darren

 Ron works on a new painting

 Sheila shares her letter with Natasha

Justin and Molly work on creating a game for Justin's new nieces.

It was a great week.  We look forward to the Crumley gang coming to visit Milligan in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Looks so great guys!!! Keep up the good work!! : ]